Thank you for joining the European Defence Industry Summit Launch!

Thank you to our distinguished panellists and guests for participating in the European Defence Industry Summit Launch Event entitled "Future Steps for the European Defence Integration”.  

Key questions discussed during the Launch event included: Which strategic investments are needed to advance European defence in the current security environment? How can different strategic views be reconciled? How can we achieve more synergies between Member states? What are the opportunities new technologies bring to the defence sector?

We look forward to seeing you all again on 5 March 2020!


Teri Schultz

National Public Radio and Deutsche Welle

Freelance Journalist

Key Themes

With the new European Commission appointed, European Defence strategy will be high on the EU agenda, it is the best time to stimulate further discussion on how to strengthen the successful cooperation among the Member States.

Defence Union

Is the EU growing closer to a Defence Union?  

European Defence Fund

European Defence Fund - How to Fund Cooperative Capability Development? 

Transatlantic cooperation

Transatlantic Defence Industrial Cooperation:


Cybersecurity and Cyber defence Technology and innovation:

SMEs Procurement

How SMEs Can Break Defence Procurement Barriers?
European Defence Industry Summit, which takes place in a prestigious setting of the Egmont Palace, welcomes 250 high-level speakers representing defence industry, mililary as well as EU and national policy-makers and experts. 
"It is also clear that for the first time since we discuss defence cooperation, the Commission is ready to play its role to the full and to even consider putting EU funds, especially for research in defence. This is potentially a game changer as some people say." Elzbieta Bienkowska, Former EU Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
"Collaboration and coordination among the community and intergovernmental tools are indispensable to provide effective support and incentives to defence cooperation." Jorge Domecq, Chief Executive, European Defence Agency